Terms and Conditions

No Thepla Holidays has its registered office at B-7 Ashoka, Naylor Road, Off Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India.

Before using our services you are requested to please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions that are listed below for your reference:


  • The Client means the person/s in whose name and/or whose behalf the Booking is made and/or whose name appears on the Booking Form, Invoices and Service Voucher and includes every person availing the services of of No Thepla Holidays.
  • An adult is a person above the age of 18.

You represent that you are of age prescribed by law to be eligible to enter into contract, and use this to create binding reciprocal legal obligations, and are capable, ready and willing to discharge any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this site.


This page sets forth the terms and conditions under which No Thepla Holidays provides the information on this website, as well as the terms and conditions governing your use of this site. The use of services provided by No Thepla Holidays constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and No Thepla Holidays, and represents your acceptance of No Thepla Holidays terms and conditions set out herein.


In consideration of your use of the services provided by No Thepla Holidays, you agree to:

  1. provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the service registration form / data and
  2. maintain and promptly update the registration data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, or No Thepla Holidays has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, No Thepla Holidays has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the service (or any portion thereof) without any prior intimation to you.


You are requested to check-in with No Thepla Holidays or other service providers thirty (30) minutes prior to the specified trip / tour departure time. The tour operator will not be liable for any service that leaves or arrives later than its specified time, even if as a result you miss a connecting service. The tour operator will use its best efforts to ensure that departure and arrival times are met. Travel Documents (including tickets indicating payment made) must be produced at the tour operators request.

You are responsible for looking after your personal belongings whilst travelling. The tour operator shall not be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind on any trip irrespective of the circumstances. If you lose your Pass(es) / Ticket(es), or if it is stolen, you must inform the tour operator immediately. You will not be permitted to travel without a valid Pass(es) / Ticket(es). The Client will need to bear the cost for repurchase of the said ticket.

You must report any physical disability requiring special attention to No Thepla Holidays at the time the reservation is made. No Thepla Holidays will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travellers, but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor is it responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers. You agree to maintain all applicable smoking regulations in public places either in India or overseas during a trip.

You agree to comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed trip / tour manager or representative and abide by the laws of the country in which you are travelling. There may be times when the trip / tour manager or representative has to make a decision in your best interests or the best interests of the group. For the benefit of all participants No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to discontinue the participation of any traveller whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the other participants. In such events, you will be responsible for your own repatriation and related costs and have no claims against us.


The Terms and Conditions, Booking Form, Payment Receipt shall be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties. In case of one or more but not all the Clients signing the Booking Form / Terms and Conditions, it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorised the concerned signing the Client/s to do so. In case you sign the Booking Form for and on behalf of the persons named in the Booking Form, it shall be deemed and construed that the Clients have duly authorized you to sign on their behalf. The signing of the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions by the Client or by you shall reconfirm the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Client/s in totality.

No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to decline to book any person/s for any trip or holiday or to cancel their booking without assigning any reason.

No person including the Employee/s or representatives of No Thepla Holidays or yourself have the authority to alter, amend, or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition set forth in this document. Assurance if any, which is contrary to the terms and conditions given shall not bind No Thepla Holidays.

A deposit of rupees twenty thousand (INR 20,000) of the trip amount is to be paid upon booking. This amount is a NON-REFUNDABLE interest free amount.

The remaining amount is to be paid within two weeks of booking or 45 days before the travel date, whichever is earlier.

Tickets and bookings will be forwarded upon full payment.

The prices quoted in this website have been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of printing of this website. No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to amend the prices published in this website and to charge accordingly in case of currency fluctuations, changes in the various gross rates of exchange, and/or fuel costs, special/high season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in the tax, hike of airline/rail charges before the date of departure. All such increases in price must be paid to No Thepla Holidays in full before the departure of the trip/holiday.

If the client has any special requirements they must be identified at time of booking. When you book a holiday for other people, you accept these terms and conditions for yourself and for the people for whom you book. It is your responsibility to inform the other clients and make sure they have read, understood, and agree to these terms.


Cancellation for Non-Payment: If the Holiday is not paid for by the due date, No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to cancel the booking and cancellation fees shall apply as below.

Cancellation by the Client: Any cancellation of the holiday must be notified by the Client in writing to No Thepla Holidays. If the Client cancels the holiday, the following cancellation charges are payable:

Period of Notice and Cancellation Fee:

  • More than 45 days notice: Deposit is forfeited
  • 45-31 days: 50% of fare
  • 30-0 days: 100% of fare


No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to determine the amount of refund value in case of cancellation and amendments. The refund will be made in the name of the client. In case you have booked through a travel agent or a franchisee we will make the refund in the passenger's name. It will take at least forty five (45) days to process refunds for all services. There will be no refund for unutilized services unless specified otherwise in writing.


It may be noted that the trip cost does not includes the insurance premium and that the Clients shall have to acquire the same at their cost.

It is mandatory to have a comprehensive insurance policy cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before registering for a No Thepla Holidays trip. You expressly agree to indemnify No Thepla Holidays against all third-party claims, actions, damages and remedies which may be brought against us in respect of your participation in the holiday.


It is entirely your responsibility to arrange, provide and carry on the trip, valid travel documents including Passport, which is valid for a period of at least six months from the date of travel on the trip with necessary Visa/s and immigration clearance (if applicable), confirmed air tickets, documents confirming insurance to cover risk to life, limb and property for the duration of the trip, medical clearances, inoculation / vaccination certificates as the case may be to be able to travel as per the trip itinerary.


The service statements on this website are for general description purposes only. The information contained in this website should not be viewed as an offer to sell or as a solicitation to purchase any of our services. Furthermore, not all services are available in every state or country.

Kindly note that the carriers and accommodations including but not limited to trains, cruises, ferries, hotels, and restaurants providing the services in the area of the holiday, itinerary that are available for booking are not run, supervised, or controlled in any way by No Thepla Holidays. These services are provided by local operators or other third parties that are entirely independent of the No Thepla Holidays which has no control and has no right of control over the operations of these independent contractors.

Such services do not form any part of the services of No Thepla Holidays or of these Terms and Conditions, even where No Thepla Holidays suggests particular operators/other third parties and/or assists you in booking such activities. Your contract for such services will be with the organiser or operator of that activity and will be subject to its Terms and Conditions, which may contain exclusions or limitations of liability. No Thepla Holidays has no liability for any such activity or for any act(s) or omission(s) of the organizer or operator or for any of its employees or agents or any other person(s) connected with the activity or service.

Meals: Any special meal requirements will be made on a request basis only. No Thepla Holidays cannot guarantee special meal requests nor will it assume any responsibility or liability if clients special meal requirements are not fulfilled.


  1. No Thepla Holidays reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to alter, change, curtail or cancel an itinerary, a trip, or a holiday.
  2. If as a consequence of "Force Majeure" (Acts of God, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire or other destruction of any vessel, destruction or damage to holiday accommodation, craft or vehicle to be used in connection with a holiday, riots, acts of civil war, civil commotion, exercise of legislative, municipal, military or other authority, strikes, industrial action, requisition of equipment, mechanical breakdown, shortage of fuel, insolvency or default of any carrier or service connected with a holiday, or any other reason beyond the control of No Thepla Holidays), No Thepla Holidays is obliged to curtail, alter, extend or cancel a holiday, the Client shall not be at liberty to maintain a claim for compensation or otherwise for any loss arising as a consequence of the said curtailment, alteration, extension or cancellation of the holiday.
  3. No Thepla Holidays has a specified minimum number of bookings required for a programme of holidays and No Thepla Holidays's obligation to provide that programme shall be contingent upon No Thepla Holidays receiving and maintaining that minimum number of bookings. In the event that No Thepla Holidays does not receive the minimum number of bookings or having received such minimum number has that number reduced by reason of cancellations or transfers by Clients or otherwise, No Thepla Holidays shall be entitled to cancel or curtail the relevant programme at any time up to 4 weeks prior to the departure date and the Client shall not be entitled to make a claim for loss arising as a consequence of cancellation or curtailment in these circumstances. No Thepla Holidays shall notify the Client within seven (7) days of any cancellation or curtailment necessitated by the foregoing circumstances.
  4. In the event that No Thepla Holidays cancels a particular trip, No Thepla Holidays shall refund the amount of the cost of the said trip to you after deducting the expenses incurred by No Thepla Holidays on bookings and other overheads as applicable. No Thepla Holidays shall not be liable to pay any compensation, interest or damages to you.
    In the event of No Thepla Holidays exercising its rights to amend or alter any trip or holiday advertised in their website after such trip or holiday has been booked but prior to departure, the Client shall have the option to continue with the trip or holiday as amended or altered or to accept any alternative trip or holiday, which No Thepla Holidays may offer. In either of these above cases No Thepla Holidays shall not be liable to the Client for any damage, additional expenses, consequential loss suffered by him or to pay any amount as refund.
  5. During local or national holidays or special events, on Sundays, and religious occasions, certain facilities such as museums, churches, restaurants, sightseeing tours, and shopping may be limited or not available. Alternatives will be offered whenever possible.


You acknowledge and agree that the service provided by No Thepla Holidays and the content on this website is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other proprietary rights and laws. Third parties whose content appear on this website own the copyright in the content original to them. The look and feel of the website, including color combinations, button shapes, and other graphical elements, are trademarks and copyright of No Thepla Holidays. No Thepla Holidays retains all ownership rights to the content. You may not alter or remove any copyright notice or proprietary legend contained in the content or on this website. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting you a license under any copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right of No Thepla Holidays or any third party, except for the limited right of use license expressly set forth herein. No Thepla Holidays marks are trademarks of No Thepla Holidays. Without No Thepla Holidays prior permission, you agree not to display or use in any manner any content herein.


This information is provided to you "as is," and you agree to use it at your own risk. No Thepla Holidays make no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, including but not limited to, content, quality, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose, usefulness, or that the data or server will be uninterrupted or error-free.


You agree that use of No Thepla Holidays site and the service is entirely at your own risk. No Thepla Holidays site and the service are provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis, without any warranties of any kind. All express and implied warranties, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights are expressly disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law. No Thepla Holidays has the right at any time to change, modify, add to or discontinue any service of No Thepla Holidays. No Thepla Holidays has no obligation to provide you with notice of any such changes.


  1. No Thepla Holidays shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Client by the failure to perform the contract or the improper performance of the contract where the failure or the improper performance is due neither to any fault of No Thepla Holidays or retailer acting on No Thepla Holidays behalf nor to that of another supplier of services because of the following reasons:
  2. the failures which occur in the performance of the contract are attributable to the Client
  3. such failures are attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for and are unforeseeable or unavoidable or
  4. such failures are due to:
    1. Force Majeure; or
    2. an event which No Thepla Holidays, the Retailer acting on his behalf or the supplier of services, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall.

Under no circumstances shall ‘No Thepla Holidays’, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages , resulting from any aspect of your use of the service, whether the damages arise from use or misuse of the service, from inability to use the service, or the interruption, suspension, modification, alteration, or termination of the service. Such limitation shall also apply with respect to damages incurred by reason of other services received through or advertised in connection with No Thepla Holidays site or No Thepla Holidays, service or any links on No Thepla Holidays, site, as well as by reason of any information or advice received through or advertised in connection with No Thepla Holidays, site or the service. These limitations shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.


You acknowledge that the disclaimers and exclusions of liability set forth above represent a fair and reasonable allocation of the risks and benefits of the agreement between you and us, and shall be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


No Thepla Holidays is committed to protecting your privacy and information. The information that we use is for the purpose of fulfilling our contract as a tour operator/holiday provider. Information No Thepla Holidays holds about the Client and his/her travel arrangements will not be disclosed unless required by Law.


The above terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India without giving effect to its conflict of law's provisions, which is explicitly excluded. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of an Official Arbitrator in Pune, for any and all disputes, claims and actions arising against No Thepla Holidays.


Photographs or pictures appearing on our website or broachers are used to display the excitement and experience of participants on the trip. While on a trip / tour our tour managers or representatives may take photographs and films of participants of the tour. These photographs and pictures may be used in group brochures and/or advertising or publicity material of No Thepla Holidays.


Tipping is customary in all parts of the world for services rendered and is not included in the cost of the trip.


  1. Clients will be subject to the carrier (airline / cruise / coach service or the service provider of any other means of transport) restrictions / limitations on baggage weight / size / number. Kindly check the restrictions on baggage of service provider for the mode of transport. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the client. It is advisable that the client does not carry valuables on the trip.
  2. No Thepla Holidays is not liable for any loss arising due to a delay / theft / misplacement of baggage that may arise due to any third party service provider including airline / cruise / coach service.


No Thepla Holidays reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the provision of any of the services at any time for any reason, including but not limited to any improper use of this site or your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.


Whilst on the trip / tour, if you have any complaints in respect of the tour or the tour operator, you are requested to inform the operator's representative. In case the complaint cannot be resolved whilst on the tour by our tour representative you are requested to submit your complain in writing to No Thepla Holidays, B-7 Ashoka Apartments, Naylor Road, Pune 411001, India within twenty eight (28) days from the date of the incident. This will enable No Thepla Holidays to make a timely investigation. No Thepla Holidays will not consider complaints received after the twenty eight (28) day period mentioned above. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email us at info@notheplaholidays.com

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