31st August to 8th September, 2019

Rs. 56,500 + GST

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Ubud - Gili Islands - Seminyak

Experience the tropical island paradise of Bali with a difference. Explore its lush mountains, famous paddy terraces and gorgeous beaches. All this while treating the adventurer within by Canyoning downstream and Rappeling down waterfalls.

Move onto the Gili Islands, a group of 3 tiny islands surrounded by white sand and blue waters. Take in the beauty of the islands and try your hand at a newest watersport, Subwinging where you snorkel whilst being pulled by a boat!



Canyoning and Rappelling
Start the holiday on a high with canyoning and rappelling to get the adrenaline flowing. Rappel down from heights up to 50 feet and jump of waterfalls of over 25 feet. When tired you can also slide of waterfalls and swim as you make your way down the canyon.  

Subwing between the islands
Explore the beautiful reefs of the Gili Island one of the newest and most unique water sport experiences. Instead of just snorkeling hold onto a subwing while a boat pulls you and you can have a little fun while checking out the reef.

Tasty food, great drinks and chilled times
Hop from bar to bar on the beach till you get that perfect blend of scrumptious food, tasty cocktails and mind blowing sunsets. And once the sun goes down get ready to hop from one bar to another in Seminyak till all you can do is actually crawl!


  • Airport pick up from Bali International Airport and transfer to Ubud on Day 1.
    • Recommended flight - Malaysia Airlines (MH 715) arriving at 12:05 PM
  • Accommodation for all nights in A.C. rooms on a double sharing basis.
  • All intercity transfers
    • Ubud to Gili Air by mini van/bus & ferry
    • Gili Air to Seminyak by mini van/bus & ferry
  • Activities
    • Canyoning and Rappeling on Day 3
      • All safety equipment during the trip such as Wet suit, Gloves, Technical Canyoning Shoes, Helmet
      • Professional Insurance up to $25 000
    • Subwing trip on Day 5
  • Meals
    • Daily breakfasts – after all it is the most important meal in the day.
    • Lunch on Day 3
  • Airport drop from Seminyak to Bali International Airport 
    • Recommended flight - Malaysia Airlines (MH 714) departing at 12:55 PM


  • Return tickets to Bali (India – Bali - India), visa* and travel insurance.
    *Visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. 
  • Transport within cities unless explicitly stated in includes section.
  • All activities unless specifically stated in includes section.
  • Trips and gratuities.
  • Meals unless explicitly stated in includes section.
  • Late / early pick up or drop to the airport.

Please note that trip participants must be over 18 years of age.


Ubud, Gili Air & Seminyak: Double Sharing A.C. rooms in hotels.


Day 1

  • Arrive at Bali international airport and transfer to your hotel in Ubud.
  • Check in to the hotel and rest.
  • Get to know your homies traveling with you for the week.
  • Head into Ubud town and walk through its streets dotted with cute little cafes.
    • Find Signature Street which is Ubud’s version of the Hollywood Stars Avenue!
  • Eat a scrumptious dinner before heading back to your hotel.

Day 2

  • Wake up early and grab a quick breakfast.
  • It’s a free day to do as you please today. A couple of options are
    • Going for the Campuhan Ridge Walk:
      • This easy and pretty nature trek takes you through pristine outback lets you enjoy cool fresh air and probably the most gorgeous hillside. Burn away the calories too with this approximately 6 kilometer hike.
      • The best time to go is immediately after sunrise as it can get really hot and there isn’t too much shade.
    • Another options can be to take a cycling tour through the beautiful Ubud paddy fields and countryside
  • Get back to your hotel and rest before you head out once again.
  • You’re probably tired with your day so head back to your hotel and get a good night’s sleep cause tomorrow is a heavy day.

Day 3

  • Wake up and eat breakfast.
  • Get ready and get out your adventure spirit cause today is adrenalin day - you are going CANYONING (the sport of jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream):
    • Once you reach, the first thing is your safety instruction – listen carefully.
    • Next up you put on all your safety equipment and take a short 30 minute hike to the point where you start your canyoning.
    • You are going to be heading downstream in the stream itself. When you come to a waterfall you JUMP. Or you RAPPEL.
    • You can jump off waterfalls which are around 25 feet and rappel down ones which are 50 feet. Some smaller waterfalls of about 10 feet you just slide off!
    • Once done, your take a short walk to the picnic spot where you can eat a scrumptious lunch prepared for you.
    • Non adrenalin junkies, don’t worry, the jumps are optional and you can always walk down if you’re too chicken.
  • Head back to your hotel, get cleaned up and then head into town for your last dinner in Ubud – we highly recommend the RIBS at one of the most famous restaurants, for meat eaters.

Day 4

  • Wake up, eat breakfast and check out.
  • Get onto the bus / mini van to the port and then ferry to the island of Gili Air.
    • Walk from the jetty to the hotel. The island has no motorized transportation allowed. Make sure those bags aren't too heavy.
  • Check into your hotel.
  • Head out to the beach for some cocktails and a killer sunset.

Day 5

  • Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for your next tryst of doing something new.
  • Today you check out the waters on a SUBWING:
    • This new watersport consists of two separate wings which are connected in the center by a rubber swivel ball. This is connected by a rope to the boat that pulls you as you take in the beauty of what lies beneath!
    • Depart in the morning and be back by lunch time in the afternoon with the glow of having learnt one of the newest water sports there is.
  • Spend the rest of the day exploring the island of Gili Air on foot. Wandering the whole island will only take you between an hour and hour and a half.
  • Head out at night and look for the beachside restaurant with the party. Listen to some great Indonesian singers who all seem to be experts in reggae!

Day 6

  • Wake up, eat the most important meal of the day.
  • Today you are free to do as you please. Your options include:
    • Island hopping: The Gilis are three islands. Spend the day going to Gili Trawangan which is the most crowded of the three and hence has the most number of bars and restaurants. Or you can head over to Gili Meno which is the least crowded of the three and spend the day on its beaches and exploring the island.
    • Beach bumming: Lazy people never need a reason to do nothing. And we know how you think. Spend the day at one of the beach side restaurants on Gili Air. Maybe take a dip in the water to beat the heat between reading your book and sipping on a chilled beer or tasty cocktail.
    • Water sports: For those that are more active there is plenty to keep you busy. You can go snorkeling or if you can, you can even go scuba diving. There’s also surfing for those who are fit.
  • Spend the evening having a scrumptious dinner and then hit a bar cause tomorrow you can wake up at leisure. After all, laziness has to win sometime.

Day 7

  • Wake up, eat breakfast and check out.
  • Take the ferry to the port and then mini van / bus to your hotel in Seminyak.
  • Check into the hotel.
  • Hit Seminyak beach and if you feel like splurging you can head to one of the famous and high end beach side bars for sunset.
  • Head out at night and get ready to hit one of many tasty restaurants before you head to one of many, many pubs and clubs.

Day 8

  • Wake up, eat breakfast and figure what you want to do today. It’s your last day of the trip and you should do as you please:
    • Rent bikes and ride around the to different beaches – just remember to wear helmets.
      • If you want a quieter beach then head to Sanur and maybe even get a massage while you take in the sun.
      • Maybe take a surf lesson or try your hand at body boarding at Canggu beach.
    • Party people, you can start drinking from the moment you wake up – just don’t ride or drive post. Go hopping from one beach bar to the other. You can also hit Ku De Ta or Potato Head Beach Club if you want something fancy.
    • Foodies. there’s also pork ribs to die for!
  • Whatever you decided to do during the day, it’s your last night and post dinner it’s time to get truly wasted.

Day 9

  • Wake up and check out.
  • Drop to the Bali international airport for your flight back home – Shit happens!

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